Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello BABY!

Having a great weekend hope you are too!  I just realized that this is my 150 post.  Wow- hope it's inspiring to see some of my work.  I know I enjoy having a format to share.  I was out and about yesterday  & it seemed like there were babies everywhere.  (must be something in the water)  Between friends & family (my brother/sister-n-law) bringing all this new life to the world there's so much to look forward too!  The whole thing got me thinking more about how beautiful family & new additions really are.  When most are feeling the need to pair back it's so comforting to have what you really need right before you.  For me becoming a Mom has helped me slow down, focus, open up, nurture, believe in magic again, persevere, know my strength, become more patient, find even more wonderful qualities in Antonio and enjoy the little adventure in everyday.  


kristina proffitt said...

You know I'm a big fan of your work, Jill! LOVE coming to your blog and seeing your beautiful work! Thanks for always inspiring me! :)

coloredsock said...

beautiful words, Jill. i imagine life changing with this baby in the best way. thanks for sharing. and YES, it feels so so good to feel content with what's before me, too. we live such simple lives in these mtns, and i'm incredibly grateful for it.

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Jenny. I've been thinking about you lately sending you happy vibes. You must be due any day now. Luca was 2 weeks overdue-and the day before they said they had to induce me he decided to come on his own.
You'll do great! Thinking of you & all the wonderful things that await.

A big HELLO to you too Kristina. What can I say your such a sweet fan!