Friday, June 19, 2009

Thanks Dad!

So we all know there's a very important day right around the corner.
I think I have the greatest Dad in the world.  He's been right by my side for all my big & small moments.  He's generous, honest, tender, energetic, kind, playful, wise, patient, silly, manly but not macho, a mentor and most of all my Daddy.  He's always made me feel so safe & like the sky was the limit.  He's been a true gift in my life.  

When I met Antonio I saw so many of the qualities I admired in my Dad in him too.  This sealed the deal!  I take in the special moments I see between Luca & Antonio.  The beauty of it is hard deny.  It's so obvious to me I'm watching the circle of life.  So Thanks Dad & Thanks Antonio for being a real man & a wonderful Dad.  


kristina proffitt said...

What a beautiful blog post, Jill! :)

lesley grainger said...

JIll, you look like daddy's princess! what a lovely dad you have!

Joey said...

So wonderful to be surrounded by all your sweet boys : )

coloredsock said...

i love this post, jill! so, so sweet. it says a lot about you that you would attract 3 amazing men to your life! so happy for you.