Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Special Letters to Me

I've always loved the alphabet. In grade school I'd doodle all over my folders & desk. In high school I had an eye chart in my locker because I thought it was so pretty & it made me smile in between academic classes that didn't. In art school I spent a semester exploring each letter. I love the up & down motion of each letter, how it all looks together, or sequenced is a new way. I think of it as a dance you do with your hand. Today I continue to incorporate it into a lot of my work. I quickly painted this over the weekend circling the letter of each member in my family. (Antonio, Jill, Luca) It pleases me when something so simple & quick turns out to be more powerful than something I spend hours or days on. I think my plan is to nestle this in our wall of photos at home.


Joey Rheem said...

I love this Jill! I am totally the same way about letters. I love them and I have little collections of words and letters throughout the house - lots of pottery from my fave Rae Dunn with many happy words, vintage baby blocks in Lauren's room spelling her name, a collection of letter R for our last name. We have a jar of scrabble letters in the kitchen where my husband and I leave little messages behind the range so we will see when we're making the kids their fried eggs... "U R HOT" is fun to read at 7 a.m.! I didn't know anyone else felt the same way! Joey

kristina proffitt said...

What a cool idea, Jill! Love that artwork! I definitely think you should put it in your home! I am a doodler, too! ;) Have a great day! Hugs!

Jill McDonald said...

Thanks for sharing Joey. It's nice to know we're not alone-another fellow alphabet lover!

Kristina- You're blog is looking great. Love all your pretty, clean layouts.