Friday, August 21, 2009

A VERY special weekend

What a week! We have a very celebratory weekend planed. Luca is turning two on Sunday. Seems like someone waved a magic wand & poof he was two. (although he seems to have hit the terrible twos a couple months ago) He's found his determined spirit. We have Antonio's family in town & my family will be stopping by for the party. Keeping with the party theme today I thought I'd share a sneak peek of these cute bags. We've been licensing lots of great work to All wrapped up. They do such a wonderful job with the end product. We're continuing to work with them more bags & wraps so stay tuned. Wish we had The Old McDonald one for this weekend. (you hit a button on the front of the bag & it sings the song) * The Christmas bag has an advent calendar front. So much fun. Some Birthday photo's next week. Luca is really into pretend cooking so the party theme this year is Cooking up some hot stuff.
Happy Friday!


kristina proffitt said...

Oh how cute! Love those gift bags, Jill! Those handles on the Christmas ones are cute! I hope Luca has a fun-filled birthday!! I can't wait to see some pictures! Enjoy the weekend! You weren't kidding when you said it was a bit crazy right now! ;) Hugs!!! Happy Birthday to Luca!

sara said...

Hi, Jill!
I just love love love your illustrations. You are my favorite illustrator by far. I love your color palette, patterns, animals... I'm a graphic designer from Slovenia (Europe) and I can't buy anything here. I'd love to have some of your prints in my house. If your prints will be available for purchase digitally please mention it in your blog. I'm looking forward to your new posts and new creations.
+ happy birthday to your cute little boy!

Joey said...

Jill, these are all adorable...where can we buy these?

Age two is so much fun, their little personalities come out and you really get a glimpse of who they are. I don't know why they call it terrible : ) I can't wait to see the b-day photos. Happy Birthday Luca!