Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Nutcracker

Last night I took some time I watched the San Francisco Ballet performance of The Nutcracker. (Thank You PBS...) I watch it every year & am always amazed at how beautiful it is to me. I never make it through with out tearing up several times. I had not seen the San Francisco Ballet performance. The costumes & sets were magical, with tons of details- you could see the skill & love in each one. At one point snow gentle began to fall on the sugar plum fairies. The beautiful movement the lovely music the glittering snow- Oh, I was in my happy place. (same place Edward Scissorhands always takes me too when he's carving the ice sculpture of Kim/ Winona Rider while she peacefully dance beneath him) I hope you're finding time to watch or participate in things that make you happy this holiday season. Find your happy place!


kiddlebug said...

I took my 5 year old to the Nutcracker Monday night. She loved it and fought (and won) to keep her eyes open as it ended past her bedtime. It was magical.

Andrea said...

Love the nutcracker...I'll be taking two of my girls to see it in a few weeks. Any chance you sell this print? Or any of your other artwork on this blog? I'm just loving it!

If by chance you do or will, I'd love to know: andreaevadavis@gmail.com