Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Man

Today I'm posting a piece I made for the recent Surtex show. It's a compilation some of my favorite things I enjoy with my little man. Dressing him up, introducing him to new bugs, building long domino tracks, blowing bubbles, listening to him play his tiny guitar (he's even pretty good at air guitar) But HELP we're now working on potty training. He has NO interest.
He knows exactly when he goes & wants to be changed asap but isn't in to informing us to help the process along. OK mom's any helpful tips? How did you help make this big transition?


kristina proffitt said...

What a cute piece of artwork, Jill! Makes my heart smile seeing that and I think our little guy might need that! ;)

As for potty training - I know boys and girls train differently (or so I've heard), but what worked for us is finding something small and inexpensive (we used little hot wheels cars at the time) as prizes and every time she went potty - she got one. It worked like a charm. ;) I asked her A LOT if she had to go potty all day long and sat her on the potty a lot even when she said she didn't have to go. I also just totally stopped the diapers - and went to panties. I never went back and she didn't like feeling wet and was more encouraged to go on the potty. ;) Good luck with that! Hugs!

Jill McDonald said...

Thanks for the idea Kristina. I'm heading to the dollar store for a potty goodie bag. I think he'll like this approach. I hope so.... The funny things you go through with your kids- it's all about growing... for both of us.

allaboutem said...

My boy liked aiming at a ping pong ball in the loo. You leave it in there it floats and it wont flush down. He loved it, it was a game to him.xx

Jill McDonald said...

Thanks for the ping pong ball tip. This is working well & he loves a game... Who knew?