Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birds on Brown

Today I posting a new print with a nice fall feeling. This was made in photoshop . I'm still waiting for a chunk of time to start playing in illustrator. I'm determined to learn that program!


VixenLily said...

lovely print :)

Tamara Henderson said...

Pretty print!

Frizz said...

birds - i've been seeing birds where ever i go lately. i think it's a sign. These are too cute.

I use Freehand which I think is a bit easier than Illustrator but they stopped making it. I'm afraid one day I'll have to learn it too.

Nate Williams said...

great work .. I blogged you on illustrationmundo.com

lynda.com is great for learning any program


Jill said...

Thanks for the comments! My schedule clears up in December so it's going to be me & illustrator for a couple of weeks. I'll post my progress. Kind of like learning to draw again.

Hey, Frizz- I know a little Freehand too I think it's fairly similar. Telling myself this will help.

WOW- Nate Williams stopped by his work is so inspiring/ amazing!

Rosie maddocks said...

Gorgeous design, I really love the colours. I have been using illustrator for quite a long time, and I'm thinking I need to work more in photoshop to get more of a painterly feel. I think I've forgotten how to design in photoshop! It's good to try something new!