Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So I just wrapped up my next book with Barefoot. Who's in the Farmyard? This is part of the peek-a-boo hole series I've worked on with them. I unfortunatley can't show any of my spreads for that project now. But, I do have the farm fresh on my mind & I can show you this. This is a fun farm piece done a couple years ago. We've been so busy around here lately. The hard part is showing what I'm up to. So often companies don't want any info disclosed until the product hits that market. I have to say I completely understand! On another farm note I'm headed to a birthday bash this weekend. (can't wait) Our friends have twins that are turning 4! For the big occasion they are having ponies brought to their home for kids to ride. (Oh, my the things we:)

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