Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My studio is about 2 blocks from a busy railroad track. Throughout the day we hear the loud whistle of the trains passing by. Luca loves to sit on a near by park bench & count the cars as they roar past. Our house is close to the studio so when we get home the sound is still present. When I was little my parents house was also near a rail line. I often wonder if I could ever call a place home with out the sound of a train nearby. *The art is one of my Oopsy Daisy wall canvases.


Jo said...

We usually travel by foot, car, scooter or bicycle, my kids have already forgotten what it looks like a train ride, so I promised them a trip in the spring. The trip by train like Yours is a dream of all children, not just my

Polly said...

Love your art! I love trains and I can understand you had fun creating stuff for any age. I'm an illustrator and I design juvenile cards, I love to create art for the kids. Nice job!

Jill said...

Thanks Jo & Polly! Jo hope you & your kiddies ENJOY the trip by train this spring. How fun! Such beautiful photos on your blog!

Polly your works is great! We're lucky to be able to make fun, quirky art for kids. Will you be at Surtex? I will be- would be nice to meet you.