Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Coming

Tomorrow is our designer Liz's last day before heading home for maternity leave.  With no baby yet & the due date right around the corner the anticipation is building.  Antonio & I are so excited for her new adventure as a mommy.  We SO appreciate everything she does to help out at the studio.  She has been a real trooper & a valued member of our team!   I remember people telling us your life will never be the same once your baby arrives.  You don't quite get that until it happens.  This will be Liz's first little one.  Any advice for a new mommy?  Please share your tips or stories.  Thanks!


kate Ferguson@ Just kids Ltd said...

Holding your new born baby is the best feeling in the world! My advice in the early days would be to not worry about doing housework everyday, just enjoy cuddling your baby, it is such a special time.

Jill said...

Thanks Kate. Great advice!
We've passed it on to Liz :)

Andrea said...

Congrats to Liz and we wish her the best. It's so true--nothing can prepare you! Bits of advice:
1. It gets easier :)
2. No one else will notice what you don't get done. So just enjoy that sweet baby.
3. Take it a day at a time!

Jill said...

Thanks Andrea- One day at a time is right! :)

jenny said...

oh wow!!! i didn't know -- Jill, please send my congrats and love to Liz and her baby and family! as for her intuition...ask for help...take this time to nurture herself as well as the baby (a hard thing to do)--take naps with her baby! so happy for her!! xoxojenny

Jill said...

Thanks for the warm wishes Jenny. I'll pass them on!