Friday, September 14, 2012

Hummingbird Floral

I planted window boxes off the kitchen last spring.  I packed them full of red geraniums, (for color) mint, lavender, basil & rosemary (for fragrance).   We soon discovered a new friend outside our window in the morning. A beautiful little hummingbird has made daily visits.  We have enjoyed waiting for her to quickly flutter by. This made me want to know more about hummingbirds.  Here are just a few things I found out:
1. They can fly about 25 mph
2. Their favorite color is RED & they like tubular flowers the most
3. They can fly forward, backwards, sideways & even upside down!
4. The eat on average 7 times an hour.
5. They are the tiniest birds in the world.  Their nest is the size of a walnut, a hummingbird egg the size of a small jelly bean.
6. They are SMART!  Hummingbirds remember from year to year flowers & feeders in their territory.

*What wonderful little birds.  To our friend- Thanks for the summer visits.  We'll miss you! Until next year...

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