Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Baby Brother

My baby brother (I have 3 brothers. I'm the only girl & the oldest) got married over Easter weekend in New Orleans.  I had never been to NOLA & the city took my breath away. After the big I DO's we got to march in a second line parade around the city.  Looking back at the pictures makes me smile & will continue to for years to come.
What I loved:
1. Glitter in the cracks of the street
2. color, warmth & worn look
3. music in the streets (really GREAT music!)
4. rich, beautiful architecture, roof top views
5. beignets & coffee (any time of the day)
6. the food! If you go try "The Court of Two Sisters" memorable/ amazing!
7. brightly painted shutters
8. the smell of wisteria in the air (around Easter)
9. living in the moment
10. iron work
11. street performers & the mix of interesting people
12. Being called "darling"

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