Thursday, February 6, 2014

On Track

On Track was my last fabric collection with P & B Textiles.  This collection was geared towards little boys but, don't worry girls allowed!  As a mother of a little guy it's been my design challenge to make compelling, fun art for boys that has a cuteness factor that stands up to the girls designs.

My On Track collection is about all the places & ways you get from here to there.  Over the Christmas break I recruited some sewing help from Lindsay Ramon (seamstress extraordinaire).  She helped me take on some shilouettes I was afraid of.  I stuck to the pillows & the personalized organizer for Luca.
Lindsay took care of the rest. (thanks again!)

If you've got a project in mind for a special little guy or gal... check out the line.
You can get a complete list of where it's sold here.

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