Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whoo, Hoo!

We just checked Surtex off the list of this year.  Can I tell feels good!  The show went really well.  Antonio was on his own this year.  It turned out that I was unable to go which actually worked out just fine!  Making all the new work, preparing the booth set up, getting all the promotional stuff ready & then doing the whole meet and greet at the show can really wipe you out.  This was our 11th Surtex so I guess I've earned a year off.  I ended up making way too many banners I had 12 but only had room for half of them once Antonio saw the booth.  (I can get stuck on things so this drove me crazy)  Roll with the punches... right?

Each year I put together a little brochure of some sort as a take away for attendees.  I include a bit about my intention for the art I make & highlight a couple recent projects.

Here's the front of the accordion fold brochure I put together for the show.

Here's the back.

I hope the show was successful for all the designers attending. It really does require such effort & commitment to build a strong body of work with a point of view.  There are good years & bad years for all of us. (even when the work is good)  I'm happy this was a good one!  Now I roll into my busiest time of the year.  Big exhale!


MaryJane Mitchell said...

Hi Jill
I went by your booth and spoke briefly to Antonio, he told me you were not coming this year.
Your booth looked amazing. Just really wanted to let you know that I have loved your work for a really long time and was hoping to just say, "hi" and connect with you.
I am an illustrator, designer and I work mostly in the children's industry.

MaryJane Mitchell

Jill McDonald Design said...

Hi Mary Jane. Thanks for stopping by the booth- sorry I wasn't there this year. I hope we get the chance to connect soon it would be great to meet you.