Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Presidential Surprise!

Today was out of the ordinary for us & the small little town of Parkville we live in.  Around noon we noticed a lot of police outside some of them with flashlights peering into cars.  A couple minutes later muscly men with ear pieces & scanning devices started to appear.  Caution tape was being draped from place to place & the joining streets were being closed. People began arriving outside our studio & we soon found out that President Obama was down the street in the coffee shop & headed up our hill in his motorcade.

I was THRILLED, Luca was confused & Antonio could care less!  First off I got a tiny glimpse of what it must be like for him day in day out to have such an entourage at all times.  Necessary, I know but it must get so old.  They had a guy down the street casing the shrubbery, a helicopter, dogs, countless police men & press. As an introverted person I think it must be SO DIFFICULT to have to be on all the time!  Despite my sympathy for his no win situation & knowing he's a human just like the rest of us it's still exciting to see extraordinary people who get to do extraordinary things.

This was just that reason that my Presidential Portrait piece came to life in 2008.  We were so excited about the new, bold change in office. I had always wanted to do a portrait piece of all the United States Presidents. This was a task but I had some help from a very talented lady who worked at the studio at the time. Together we divided & conquered!

This piece now available at The Land of Nod.
You can also buy my American Presidents boxed set at my Etsy shop 
Each of the 44 Presidents printed at 6.5 x 9" in a vivid assortment of color.

Just goes to prove you never know what you may wake up to!

I can't help but add a few of these Presidential portraits I saw last February at my son's school.  Kids have such a point of view & freedom with their art I always find it inspiring!

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