Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NEW art at my Etsy Shop


There is some NEW art in my Etsy shop.
Each of the 5 new pieces are offered at 15 x 20" or  7.5 x 10"
Take a look!

Hello, Lovely! 
with an option to personalize or not

You are Magical
with an option to personalize or not

Colorful Cupcakes
with option to personalize or not

Sweet Safari
personalize with baby's name & birthday

Just Arrived
personalized announcement with all baby's important info

1 comment:

Ed Campbell said...

Simply adorable designs, in ways that are in the moment, with their very pastel and minimalist appeal. The look is good enough to guarantee a sale. It's even better that it is in Etsy. Great bit of set up you've gotten them into, which should only help your works' sale in the long run. All the best!

Ed Campbell @ Champion Online Marketing