Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tomorrow a Butterfly!

I used to religiously keep a sketchbook.  As my life got busier (a child, more projects & commitments) I stopped.  I'm making time to start back up with my sketchbook.  My favorite is the one I've used since art school, a multi -drawing book for water color & multi media/ you can do anything in it!

My hope is that by the time Surtex rolls around this year I'll have a sketchbook (or several) that people can browse through.  I think it's one thing to sit down & make a piece of art you intend to sell or license & something often very different to sit down & play in your sketchbook.  No boundaries, no restrictions just see what comes out.  So on that note this is what I did last night- felt good!

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Lindsay said...

I like that idea! A great way to express your creative freedom!