Thursday, March 5, 2015

What Time Is It?

Time is such a crazy thing.  The next 5 months or so for me is crunch time!  The Surtex show is coming up & I'm busy making new art. (I needed some play time)
Then it's off to the Licensing Show.
Yep, we're trying this show for the first time.
I'm working on writing & illustrating a series of board books with Random House & will soon begin the next round of products for my gift line.  All of this is SUPER exciting but it does have me a bit obsessed with time.  Doing my best to take each task day by day & not overwhelm myself with thinking about it all at once. Working hard on not counting the days but making each moment count.
I think that's how you get things done & remain sane!
(that & yoga!)

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