Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Studio in the Sky

We moved in mid February to our new house. (felt appropriate it was right before Valentines Day!)
Antonio helped design my studio space that's on the third floor.  He kept in mind all my needs.
-Lots of light
-Big windows
-tall ceilings
-a lovely city view
(I'm right across from my favorite building Kauffman Performing Arts Center in K.C.)

I'm so happy in my new studio space.  I started working out of my dad's office basement for 3 years so I'm so grateful for the beautiful space I have today!

P.S. Yes, I work standing.  Occasionally, I sit when I paint.
The big draft table was my dad's when he started his graphic design business 40 years ago.
I'm nostalgic.

Here you can see the Kauffman Center
This is the beautiful building up close.  I love to see the ballet here!

My twinkly night view.

Move in day.  Lots of space!


MaryJane Mitchell said...

Jill thanks for a look at your new studio. What a great view you have.


Jill McDonald Design said...

Hi Mary Jane! Happy to share. I'm proud of my new space. The view is even better in person. Thanks for stopping by! Best Wishes!

Becca Groves said...

This is so fun to see! When you posted the picture of the outside of your house I knew the inside must be amazing too. So fun to get to see your work space. Joyfully, Becca

Jill McDonald Design said...

Thanks Becca! I think I'll post some more interior photos of our home soon. Antonio my husband helped design it & I'm super proud. He did a wonderful job! Hope you & your family are enjoying a lovely spring :)