Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pet Showcase

Big excitement around here today.  Luca's school had the annual pet showcase. (part of the science department)  Kids were encouraged to bring their pets & give a brief presentation about the type of animal, it's habits, what it eats and so on... This was then followed by a question & answer session with a written & drawn entry in their science journal.  Just about the cutest thing ever and a fun way to share what these kids have learned living with a creature.

Luca took Sophie to the showcase. We got her about a year ago.  
She has become an invaluable member of our family!
He was super proud to show her off.

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Mexico Adventure Tour said...

I do enjoy attending some pet show, especially if my own "Lucy the pug" can participate. Every animal is our best buddy or companion. They give us priceless joy.