Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jill McDonald baby & kids 2016

Earlier this month I received my samples for my line with C.R. Gibson.

All this art is designed in a short two to three month chunk of intense work.  Then it's off overseas to be manufactured. About six months after that it's back in product form ready to be sold.  It's always a whirlwind but such a rewarding one.

I try to explore a range of childhood favorites & add details that are engaging for a child.  The small Cats & Dogs books are die cut, & fit perfectly in a toddlers hand. Each has a fur tail on the back. (remember your little one pulling the pets tail)  So Cute is a felt soft book with icons on each page that have one area that lifts to encourage touch & exploration. Ballet Beauties & Round 'Em up partner are games I designed & test played with my own family to get them just right. There's a Dinosaur puzzle (what child isn't fascinated by those curious creatures) & a Dress Up puzzle that celebrates the joy of trying on a new look.

Then the big change in any family's life-adding a brother or sister to the mix. I went with a super hero theme for this idea.  Because it takes real courage, strength & determination to pull this one off. (superhero cape included)

So happy to have this opportunity to bring colorful, fun art with a touch of education to little ones & their families!

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