Sunday, May 15, 2016


I'm breathing a big sigh of relief this morning as Surtex kicks off it's first day in NYC!  If you're not familiar with the show it's kind of like the super bowl for surface design.  Designers spend months preparing new art with no real guarantee that anyone will purchase a thing.  (that's the deal)

This is my first year showing with my rep Jennifer Nelson.  I'm excited, anxious & curious to see the outcome!  Her team of artist are so super talented!  I feel honored to be a small part of that.  Their amazing eye candy is pushing me to dig deeper & put the best of me out into the world.

The business has changed a great deal since I began in 2004.  Social media has been a big factor in that. Getting better at it but, it's not something I enjoy. (I'm shy & somewhat introverted so it goes against my instincts)

 This is Antonio & I at our first Surtex.  We basically didn't know much.  He had just quit his job as an architect to work with me. (I guess that's what love will do to you)
Back then there was no real social media or press build up you just brought your best art,  business cards & some invoices.  (and smiled a lot, look friendly was my mantra)

Today booths have gotten much fancier almost taking on a boutique feel.  There is also A LOT more artist/designer trying to do the same thing.  But at the end of the day it's still all about the art. Making it special, putting a little piece of yourself on paper & sending it out into world. Something I'm so grateful for.  Since I was a little girl there's always been a crayon, pencil or paintbrush near by.  I can't stop making it so, thank goodness there's an outlet for it all!

If your at Surtex this year think of it as a kind of celebration.  Creatives putting themselves out there & doing their thing.  If that's not beautiful I don't know what is!

*If I spelled something wrong sorry- I need a full time editor!


Unknown said...

I wish you the best in this important event!

Unknown said...
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Caught in Dreamland said...

Good luck Jill, my work is there with the studio Im working for, it is a scary thing putting yourself out there isnt it?. I am trying to prevent my style being lost by the whole commercialism of it all , but if you want to sell you find yourself conforming in a way.Hopefully I'll get some positive feedback. Hope you do really well too. Claire x

Jill McDonald Design said...

Hi Claire! Hope the show has gone well for you. Your work is just lovely by the way! :) I totally hear your point about not having your style get lost in the shuffle. I think we must hold on to our personal looks. That's what will make us different from what's out there. Just slightly flavored with commercialism. (as much as you can take) Thanks for stopping by- Wishing you all the best!