Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Blueprint NYC

I just returned from the Blueprint show in NYC.  For those not
familiar with this show it's a 4 day event.  Artist from around the world
set up booths & bring their art to show to buyers & art directors from a variety of industries.
It's a great way to connect with the art community & find homes for some of
the art that's made.

This year it was a family affair. 
I brought my son, Luca. 
(Which explains why I didn't stay 4 days.  Also, a 4 day show is REALLY long)
He's interested in art & business so this is a great example of the two colliding. 
My husband Antonio works with me & he's a pro at the show part of our business.
I definitely prefer the art part! But, booth are part of the deal.

Here's a few things I've learned doing shows for the past 15 years.

-No two shows are ever the same.  It's hard to predict 
what the response or financial outcome will be.
(I know, frustrating)

-There can be a lot of sitting and waiting for people to
come by & look at your work.
(don't stress)

-Sometimes you don't get an immediate payoff but,
contacts that grow into something good
down the road.

-Don't feel discouraged.  Make art that you love
& has a distinct look that comes from you.
This will serve you well if not at the
current moment but down the road.

-If you're an introvert shows can be exhausting.
I use to worry about that as both Antonio & I aren't
flashy, talkative sales people.  But, I've realized that art
speaks for itself & that people who like my look
really connect with it. So, no song or dance is needed.

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