Friday, November 20, 2020

Rest + Recharge


Feeling a little worn out from the last couple of weeks. I imagine we all are.  This is something I painted in my sketchbook a couple weeks ago.  I think it should say "You're really tired" but that's just truthful, not charming. (which is okay)

Planing on taking the weekend to try & recharge.  I've been doing these crazy Peloton Bootcamp classes daily for weeks now, (feeling strong makes me happy) working on a couple new books & feeling like I need to make tons of new art.  Think I need to sit still for a while & chill.  Which is hard for me but, necessary.

Have a good weekend & let's lean into the recharge.  The holidays are around the corner– yikes! Although they'll be distant & different this year I imagine the gist will still be the same.


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