Friday, January 8, 2021



My Hello, World! book MUSIC  dropped earlier this week.
When I plan the next titles in the series I make a list of subjects
I think are missing & run it by my smart, savvy editor.
We both agreed music was a must.
Music can lift your mood, be a creative outlet & gives
your body permission to move.  The book covers
a sampling of instruments, the size, shape, color & sound along
with a signature *fun fact. (Which, I try to make something the adult most likely 
reading didn't know as well.)
I wanted to mix up the color palette for this book.  My hand usually gravitates to
brighter bolder color but, for this book & subject I thought something more
light & bubbly was in order.  Some pages build to dark, louder color
like the drum spread. (similar to the sound)  But overall the color is light & airy.

People often ask how I make the art. 
I started by painting an array of papers in pastel tones.
Then I cut out each instrument & character adding little details.
(scissors, glue, tape, paintbrush & pen)
Next it was all scanned into Photoshop, cleaned up so I could
more the layers around & added a few touches digitally.


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