Friday, May 16, 2008

Christmas in May

I know is not Christmas yet. But the giving away buttons kind
of gave me a good excuse to use this silly illustration.
Now to the results..... And the winners of the "Button (aka Flair) Giveaway" are:
Joyce, Jayme and Toystory
Your buttons will be in the mail as soon as you tell us where to mail them.
Send us an email to

To all the ones that participated, Thank you very much!
Your comments are very welcomed.

And now off to Surtex.... This year I'm not attending the
show. I'm staying home with our little one.
My husband, Antonio will be representing the studio.

Here are some pictures of our booth at a previous Surtex.
That year our theme was "Lemonade stand"
as I always feel at a show as I did when I was a little girl
selling lemonade at my corner stand.

1 comment:

Frizz said...

Darn it - I missed the giveaway. They were all so cute.

Great booth idea! Hope this year was successful.