Tuesday, May 13, 2008


First thanks to all who participated in the pin vote.
It is fun to see everyone’s favorites & interesting that it is
pretty varied. Friday I’ll post the 3 winners. So you have
until Friday to enter the draw.

Now on to the neighborhood improvements.
So the city is paving the little alleyway behind
our house. We live in a funny little town just a few
minutes outside of Kansas City. Anyhow it takes them
significantly longer to do anything than it should. Since
the studio is just a block away I run up the hill from time
to time hoping to see signs of progress. The street
was supposed to be done in just one day, we’ll see. In the
meantime my son has enjoyed seeing all the big trucks
& machinery parked out back.
This leads me to think about a wall art piece I made for
Oopsy Daisy


méri said...

I've visited your website and i liked very much.
I dare to suggest you to link your website in your blog.
I've reached the site only because Mr. Google knows everything!
Good luck to you and Family.

flora said...

I wish our city is really so colorful!! :D
I want to live in your city.