Thursday, August 7, 2008


Who doesn’t like a cupcake?
I spent a good portion of my day working on these which has made me happy & hungry. They are painted, stamped and collaged. Wish there was a way I could make them scratch & sniff!


kristina said...

Oooh, I LOVE cupcakes and this makes me happy! There is another cupcake print of yours that I just love, too!

Shelley Laming said...

These look great! I love them. Scratch & sniff would be fun -- remember scratch & sniff stickers from the 80s? I loved those things.

Brenda Pinnick said...

Jill, you continue to inspire and delight! Congrats on your baby!!!

Tracey said...

...adorable & sophisticated! I love the color palette, how you decorated the cupcakes, & the patterns that you used.

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Brenda,

Great to hear from you.
Your blog looks terrific.
Hope all is well!

Made by Petter Samulin said...

That made me want to go to the fridge and see if I had domething to snack on. Good work there!