Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Luca's Birthday

So our little Luca turned two about two weeks ago now. Just posting a few of the highlights today. We spent the day celebrating him with his favorite foods, people & music. He is doing so well it's exciting to see his personality starting to bloom. He's surprising us, telling us just what he thinks, cracking us up & keeping us completely busy! He's by far the best thing I ever had a part in making. (and the journey continues)


kristina proffitt said...

What great photos, Jill! Luca is SO cute and it looks like he had a great birthday! So happy to see that! Hugs! Thanks for sharing!

coloredsock said...

Jill, Luca is SO so handsome. he looks like his papa, BUT he's the sweetest blend of the two of you. so fun to see his celebration. you are such a great mom! Tulsi and i are looking forward to our visit in oct! btw, your collections posted look great!

Jill McDonald said...

Thanks Jenny! We look forward to seeing you & Tulsi in October. Luca & I are BIG fans of your beautiful art & story.