Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedding Wishes

I'm almost out the door to my brother Kris's rehearsal dinner. He's getting married this Saturday to a lovely, sweet, smart lady - Ashley. I feel like my heart is getting bigger as I grow up. I understand the importance of of commitment more. I want to savor the sweet moments of celebrating those I love & can say I'm seeing the big picture so much more clearly. (before this would of been an excuse for a cute new dress) Being his Big Sis I couldn't be happier to see how his new in laws have embraced him, how he's stepped up to the plate & grown through the crazy planning a wedding process. I hear them talk about their future plans & dreams, see the twinkle they have for each other in their eye & that newly wed/ newly engaged need to kiss way to often. All this makes my heart sing! Here's to LOVE, Dreams & new beginnings as ONE! (can you tell I'll be a sobbing mess at the wedding)

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kmcdon said...

Love you sis!