Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 Days part II

As I mentioned yesterday I had made a 12 Days of Christmas gift-wrap collection years ago for Hallmark. You can see different but the same. Hallmark added gold foil to the wraps & bags they also have some pretty talented lettering artist that helped out with the text. The collection was big but I only had a few bits & pieces of it left. To find more I'd just need to visit my mom's house she's bought a sample of everything (yes, everything...) I've ever done & has it all neatly stored away. She's great & the best Christmas present I ever could of wished for.

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Tracy said...

That's great that your mom has kept all of your work that you've ever done! That's what moms do, though :) And very nice that you believe she's the best Christmas present you could wish for!