Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Interview on Illustration Mundo

I recently did an interview for the amazing Nate William's, Illustration Mundo.
You can check it out here: jill mcdonald design


Joyce H. said...

Congratulations, Jill. Much deserved recognition.

coloredsock said...

hi Jill! i loved your interview and photos and learning a little more about you and where your inspiration comes from. you are really inspiring to me! can't wait to get together.

Jill said...

Thanks Joyce!
Thanks Jenny- You inspire me too!
See you soon :)

Joey said...

I loved the interview Jill! Fun to learn more about you! Hope you're enjoying this holiday season! xo Joey

Jill said...

Hi Joey- Glad you saw the interview! I think I'm enjoying the holiday season- WOW, it goes so fast!
Hope the fundraiser was a success!