Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Starting Points

I thought I'd explain the work process I go through when I get a new project & I just don't know where to begin. I head to my fabric closet. I think of a theme & a name for each each group I'm working on. I start opening my bins of fabric & picking out the ones that I'm responding to. I end up with a big pile then take a deep breath & begin to edit. I stack my fabric in folded rows I pull out ribbon, yarn or thread that seems to fit. At the end of this process I take it all in. It's like a visual snapshot of what was spinning around in my head. Visually pulling it together makes it easier for me to move on to drawing, painting or computer work. Of course I change any patterned fabric I pull the whole point of this exercise for me is to create the general feel. Wish I could show the end product but it's not out yet. Hope you'll give this process I try. I find it really helpful.

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