Thursday, November 17, 2011


We've enjoyed a warmer than usual November. I love this delay of the winters cold air! Last Saturday I even saw a ladybug while raking leaves. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a warm Thanksgiving day. Nothing better than a big walk after I eat too much!


Andrea said...

I just love your illustrations. They just say 'happiness!' What medium do you use? Or are they designed on the computer? I'd just love a blog post about how you do what you do! Glad I found your blog and your website. You have a great gift!

Jill said...

Thanks Andrea! I paint with gauche. Sometimes I paint larger sheets of paper then cut out shapes, paint more then scan the art in & take it from there digitally. I like to start by drawing, painting & then scan it in so I can play more on the computer. I like painter & photoshop & am still trying to find the time to learn illustrator. I'm excited about that program. I'm curious to see what I can do in it. Hopefully soon I'll know! Thanks for stopping by & for being a fan :)