Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tada by: Jill McDonald

As you might noticed looking at the new blog layout. I'm the proud new owner of an Etsy store.
I came up with “Tada by Jill McDonald”

I’m very excited to present a collection of Canvas Growth charts, Wall cards and Posters. This line is drenched in color, has fun themes, a sense of humor & a touch of education.
This new step in my journey is a labor of love and represents 2 years of work to bring this products to the market. My goal with the Etsy store is to make art that kids & their parents will remember & love!

I hope you enjoy browsing through my Etsy store. And if you like, please tell your friends!

Also, as an introduction to my shop I'm offering your a 10% discount if they join our mailing list.


Royn-Ber Wendjaifa said...

To create something new, we must not be too afraid of making a right mess in the process...

Jayne Schofield said...

Hi your Etsy you ship to the UK ??
Jayne x

jenny said...

your shop is incredible, JIll!!! congratulations! i love it all. i just don't know how you do it all! wow. and thank you for coming to RR -- it was really sweet to see you! sorry it was so crazy. i am sending Luca's book Monday. Yay! you are such an inspiration. thank you. :)

Jill said...

Hi Jayne! Yes, I can ship to the UK it will just cost a bit more. So glad you like the new Etsy shop :)

Jill said...

Thanks Jenny! Can't wait to get your new book & browse through the beautiful pages with Luca. Today I'm sending you & Tulsi Over in the Meadow. (hooray for a fun book swap)