Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby Shower Gifts

Part of my weekend plans include a baby shower.  My sister in law's sister is expecting a girl.  She is a girlie girl, so pink it is!  My mom & I have been pulling together some girlie gifts.  I wanted a mix of some things I've made & other items I love.  In particular See Kai Run shoes.  (I miss putting these on Luca's tiny feet)  This line of shoes is really beautifully made, stylish yet practical for little feet.
(i.e. they stay on, fit with ease & comfort)

Putumayo is another one of my favorites.  When Luca was born I invested in a broad array of music from around the world. All available through Putumayo to this day we continue to enjoy the many melodies from elsewhere.  

Welcoming tomorrows girlie girls! 

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