Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ups and Downs

A little bit about the Evolution show Antonio recently returned from.  Traffic was slow & we didn't sell as much as we hoped. This was the first year for the Evolution show & it can take time to draw a sizable crowd. The show organizer did a wonderful job with the space & set up so we are hopeful this show continues to grow.

I know it sounds glamorous to announce that you are headed off to this show or that show.  But, did you know that I've been doing this 10 years in January & there have been shows we've go to where I sell only 1 or 2 things. Or my personal favorite... loose your bags & not have them arrive until the last day- Yep, it did happen in Germany at Heimtextil 3 years ago.

From the comfort of a curated blog it is easy to make it all look rosy.  The truth is it can be fun but it is also a TON of work with no guarantee.  When you are enjoying the work it makes it easier to navigate all the ups & downs.

I thought it was important to be honest about this.  On that note... I will be exhibiting at Printsource this January.  I will be at the show with Antonio this time & have some really fun work available.  So, my friends the show must go on!  (where is that weird quote from anyway?)


Pocketful of Patterns said...

Yep; it sure is tough in this business sometimes - but we carry on because we LOVE it - totally relate to your of luck for your next show! x

Jill McDonald Design said...

Hi Pocketful of Patterns. Thanks for your comment I know I'm not alone in the frustrations & think that it is important to be honest about those the same way we are about our victories :)
Thanks for your good wishes sending them right back at you!