Friday, December 13, 2013

Lovely Landmarks

I am a BIG fan of architecture.
Iconic architecture has always amazed me.
I wish my love of architecture went hand in hand with travel.  Unfortunately, I don't have the travel bug. I'm a worrier so leaving the house to head off to a foreign land usually puts me in a panic.
Despite that I have a deep appreciation for beautiful structures that become an iconic part of our environment.

I made my Round the World tree skirt  for The Land Of Nod to celebrate just a few of the special structures around the world.  Here's the ones I focused on...

  • Saint Basil's Cathedral-ornate patterns piped in white & burst of color at the top (like funky Faberge eggs) with touches of gold sparkle in the sun
  • Eiffel Tower- tall, proud, elegant a linear delight!
  • Taj Mahal-pure, graceful, an eternal love story.... Come on, you've got me hooked right there.
  • Colosseum- an amphitheatre with rows of arches, my mind runs wild imaging all the possible escapades that took place there...
  • La Sagrada Familia- organic amazement, like frosted ice cream cones covered in sprinkles, proving the point that indeed sometimes MORE is BETTER- love!!!
  • Egyptian Pyramids- triangular tombs that point to the heavens,  marvelous in size & packed full of symbolism & magical myths
  • Chrysler Building- perched high in the Manhattan skyline,  a silver grid of windows with a splendid surprise of arches & triangles at top 
  • Sydney Opera House- a performing arts center with an intriguing appearance, a series of shells invite you to enter, On a stage of water with a sparkling city backdrop. (insert applause here...)
  • Big Ben-located at the north of the Palace of Westminster. Big Ben stands tall with a stiff upper lip keeping time & order with quintessential British flair

Do you have a favorite building?

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