Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello!  Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  I hope so!
We enjoyed a couple days off- which was nice.

I've been thinking about traditions lately.  When I was little I remember always thinking some day I will have lots of traditions.  So far my list is not as long as I had once hoped for.  But it is growing longer every year.

Antonio has a lovely tradition.  For years now he smokes our Thanksgiving turkey.  This is an over night ordeal.  (that we wake up fully rested & gladly participate in)
He starts out by selecting the turkey, then brines it in a mix of  beer and BBQ rub for 12 hours, purchases bags of cherry wood & fires up old faithful (his old smoker) around midnight.  Placing the perfectly brined turkey in the smoker.  He returns every 20 minutes throughout the night to spritz with more beer & feed the fire.  Crazy... I know but the result is magnificent & we are all appropriately Thankful!

Traditions are such a beautiful thing to share with family & friends.  I am hopeful to add some more meaningful ones to my life!

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