Thursday, June 18, 2015


I adore flowers!  We've had some photos taken of our new home this week & it's been fun picking out specific flowers for each room.  Wish I had the budget to treat myself to these more often.  Nothing beats fresh flowers.  I went for some more unusual varieties & then filled in with some bits from around the neighborhood.

 Tall, allium in the downstairs powder room.  These flowers are the adult version of the dandelion poof to me. 

 Hibiscus bloom with some smaller wild flowers in the master bath.
I had this covered in a tall glass dome but it made me a little sad to see the
flowers so confined. (similar to how I feel about fireflies in a jar)

                      A mix of textures & scents (yep, that's lavender) on the kitchen table.
                                I was intrigued by the sculptural shape of the orange flowers.

A single peony (with exotic leaf) on both of the night stands in the master bedroom.
Such a treat to fall asleep & wake to the smell of peonies.

Ceramic hen (named her Cornelia) that holds a large flat leaf succulent on the kitchen counter.
I know- not technically a flower.  Hope it's a hardy plant. I don't have much of a green thumb.

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