Friday, June 12, 2015

Licensing Expo 2015

We're back from Las Vegas!

My little studio has been in business for 11 years now.  But this was my first time exhibiting at the Licensing Expo.  Antonio & I had walked the show a couple times over the years trying to figure out if it was a good fit for my art.  Like most things the only way to really know is to try!

Overall I think the show was a success for us.  But often times you really don't have much of a gauge until months later.  What was exciting to me was exposing my art to a different audience.  At the show we met with a few clients/ companies that we know from exhibiting at Surtex but also a new crowd of companies stopped by.

Like most shows there was a lot of waiting in the booth hoping to get noticed & connect with potential contacts. We also showed up with a little more than 300 lbs of show luggage. (art, product samples, brochures, buttons & more)  We also decided to try to promote a bit more & took out ads in various show publications before hand & I did interviews one, with J'net at All Art Licensing (she is a wonderful resource for new designers learning the in & outs of licensing).  I also did a live interview at the show with Art Moose. And in both interviews you will notice that I'm out of my comfort zone :)

I make mountains of art & at this point in my career I look at each opportunity to show my work as an opportunity to find my art a good home.  So I can keep making more... because I need to, it's what I love!

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