Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Favorite Flavor?

First off- Thanks for all the sweet comments regarding our Shreky.  It's getting easier everyday & he'll continue to bring a smile to my face.  Today I thought I'd move on to something a bit happier.  Ice-Cream.....  (nothing like a drastic change of subject) I finished this print not too long ago.  I try to be regimented with what I eat (yes, I'm a bit of a bore)  so not always I eat delicious frozen treats. That's why I indulge myself with painting them.  Sad but true.  Must go back to being young & being allergic to milk. (Luca has now taken that role)  I never had dairy products.  I remember my favorite flavor at Baskin & Robbins good old dairy free diaquiri ice. Now I think my favorite would have to be dulce de lache- mmmmmmm.   


kristina said...

What a fun (and yummy!) piece, Jill! Love it! So colorful and happy! I love Cookies N' Cream or Cookie Dough. ;)

Krissysart said...

Lovin' those yummy treats! I just turned my 5 year old onto your work. We were reading a version of the 3 pigs and I realized you were the illustrator. Now, Lilly goes through the book trying to figure out what was painted, what was collaged, etc. She's such the budding art critic!
So very sorry to hear about your sweet dog.
Take care,

lesley grainger said...

I love cold stone or maggie moo's. yum now I want ice cream

Tracey said...
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Tracey said...

Love this fun piece! I like how you added the name: delicious to one of the cones - I also like the I heart ice cream scoop, too! Fun mix of patterns and colors here.
My favorite ice cream flavor at Baskin Robbins is sometimes Peppermint and sometimes Mint Chocolate Chip.