Friday, January 2, 2009

Longing for Spring

I get like this every year.  The daylight hours are shorter, the green leaves no where in site, the sky rarely that pretty bright blue and the holidays over.  I begin to daydream about springtime.  I imagine the new flowers I'll plant in the garden, the tire swing I'll hang this year, mother nature once again allowing use to take long walks at the park right down the street.  To get me even more fixated on all this I've been working on lots of flower & garden theme projects lately.  Today I'm sharing a flower identification piece I painted.  I'm amazed at the variety in flowers so I tried to keep that variety going in the containers I put them in.  My favorites are the peony & the irises.
What are yours?


kristina said...

I'm ready for Spring too, Jill. :)
Love this beautiful piece! I think my favorites are the gerber daisy and the carnations. I love that blue of the vase. One of my favorite colors! :) Happy Weekend!

coloredsock said...

gorgeous piece, jill! i love the starry forsynthia and the lilly of the valley.

Joy U said...

Loving the lily of the valley and the lilacs - they remind me so much of my childhood.

Lindsay said...

I love the gerbera daisy and the lilacs. I can't wait to smell a lilac!