Friday, May 8, 2009

Be Nice to Mom she LOVES you!

Mothers day is right around the corner.  Being a Mom now I have a whole new respect for the role.  Wow- it's a LOT of work.  I think Mom's deserve more than a day how about their own week! (on an island by themselves)  So don't forget be nice to Mom- She loves you.
On that note on with the art.  I did the funny paintings of Grandma's a while ago it was something for fun I quickly did in my sketchbook.  I always like older names.  All the ladies are either my grandma's or friends.  (& those are their names)  The blooming bellies piece is older too but completely appropriate for today's post.  Happy Mothers Day! 

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kristina proffitt said...

Love those both, Jill!
Happy Mother's Day to you!!