Monday, May 4, 2009

Swedish Spring Birds

This is a fun new piece that I'll be taking to Surtex.  (in just about 2 weeks)  This show seems like it sneaks up on me every spring!  The birds in this piece ended up having a Norwegian feel.  I liked all the patterned details.  Liz, a designer at our studio did most of the work on this one. We just bought a printer the prints on fabric.  This piece will definitely be printed on fabric.  I can see it as bedding or wall paper hmmmm that would be fun!


Lindsay said...

I love the purple one with the starry tail and the blue-ish one with the feather on his head. Cute! Are you going to do buttons like you did last year? Good luck preparing.

kristina proffitt said...

Love it!
Have a great day, Jill! Hugs!

Frizz said...

Good luck at Surtex, I'm sure you have a ton of prep. Lovely birds!

Tracey said...

Gorgeous piece with such nice color!
I especially love the blue bird with the egg shape on it's tail.

Shelley Laming said...

Absolutely gorgeous!