Friday, June 20, 2014


For my family it's now officially summer!  Luca's last day of kindergarten was yesterday. (I know it's a crazy, long school year for the kids at his school)  We feel like this year was a BIG victory for us.  Luca   started reading, made lots of new friends & the school worked with us to navigate his peanut allergy.  I was & continue to be concerned about that but we have one successful year down so this is a positive step. To celebrate we decided not to set our alarms this morning & I sent Luca & Antonio to the pool today.  He heads back to school in just about 6 weeks so I'm doing my best to make his short summer break fun.   Wait... do I do fun?  Summer is always so busy around here but I think adding some fun to my hectic schedule maybe good for me too!

The art I've posted today is from The Big Brother & Big Sister books I did for I See Me a couple years ago.  I have some really exciting NEW book projects coming up this year. I look forward to sharing those once they're published!

Hope you & your little ones are enjoying your summer!  Some of my fondest memories are from summertime.

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