Monday, June 16, 2008

My Art in PB Kids puzzles

Last weekend we were shopping with baby Luca. We decided to stop by PB Kids and see what was new. To our surprise we found some of my art on some puzzles. They are very nice and big so you get all the details from the original work.

The Farm piece was done some time ago for a birthday collection. I'm glad they used again for a puzzle. Giddy Up Good Times!


Lori said...

I cannot imagine what that would be like, as an artist, to just drop in to PB Kids and see your artwork! You are so blessed and very talented! Congrats!

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks for your comment- Yes, I am a lucky girl!
It's a terrific feeling to see my art out in the world.

Hope you continue to stop by...