Friday, June 13, 2008

Scrapbooking collections

I recently received a box of scrape booking samples I made for American Traditional. This was perfect timing as during my last trip into Archiver’s I saw bits & pieces of it. The baby group is called Born to Be Wild I loved the brighter palette I was able to use. The birthday collection turned out well too. I like the more sophisticated color palette. I’m showing just a small bit of each collection- it’s so nice to see how it all comes together.

The last bit of papers I’m showing is also for American Traditional. I’m featuring a few of my favorites from a larger collection I created for them.

I should have mention the name of the collections so you can look for them on the internet.
The first pictures are for "born to be wild"
The second shots are from "life of the party"
and the last one is for "candy blossoms"


ellencrimitrent said...

hello Jill I just found out you have a blog, well welcome to blogland. I am a great admirer of your work and I meant to stop by and say hello at Surtex but was stuck in meetings. I have decided not to do the show this year and next I hope it was good for you.

I am usually downstairs so I never get upstairs to say hello to fellow artists. I was curious to see if your designs are digital or painted? I have recently began working more digital these days for some clients and find it fun but challenging at the same time.

Anyway just wanted to say hello!!

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Ellen,

Glad you checked out my blog & Thanks for
your kind words. Most of my designs are hand
painted then scanned in & separated into layers
with some clean up & a few more details added.
It's a bit of a process.
Thanks again for saying Hello!


ellencrimitrent said...

Hi Jill,

I am soo computer challenged so doing layers in photoshop is not one of my best suits but it seems you have it down! I am doing more illustrator work because some clients need vetor images, its more simple for me.

I still paint allot of my work in gauche but love trying new things like collage and digital. Love the new puzzles very cute!

Reine said...

Hi Jill,

Love your work and am enjoying your blog! It's so cheerful and full of fun :) Curious where the scrapbooking materials will be sold? Thanks, Reine

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Reine,

The scrapbooking collections are available at Archivers. Hope you have one around you.

Glad your enjoying the blog!

kristina said...

I just love your work so much, Jill! Thank you for sharing it with the world! All of the colors and designs just makes me happy! Love your scrapbook goodies, too! I wish I had an Archivers around me! If you need some folks to showcase your products, I'd be glad to send you my resume and link to my gallery! Hee hee! ;) LOVE it all! Oh, and I found your blog through Suzanne Bailey's blog. :-D

Shelley Laming said...

Yay!! One of my wishes has come true. :) I've been crossing my fingers for this for a long long time. Jill -- I think your work is amazing! I am so excited to see this new line from you. -Shelley Laming

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill

were can we buy these lovely scrapbook pages, we don't have an archivers nearby?

Jill McDonald said...

You can try to find the collections in the Internet.
These are the first 3 collections.
"Born to be wild"
"Candy Blossoms"
"Life of the party"
Hope you guys can find them.

inkyblog said...

yup i have all this paper too...