Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer blooms A - Z

For me one of the best part of the warm weather is all the beautiful flowers that show up. Natures free gifts.
It's always been a dream of mine to have my own little flower shop. I think it's the combination of such intense color, with the soft feel of the petal or a fuzzy leaf with the final touch of fragrance that I just adore!
I often wonder if I was a flower which one I would be? I think I'd be a wild sweet pea.
How about you?


Frizz said...

I'd be a sunflower. Don't you just love sunflowers? I want to try to grow a small field of them up north like you see in the movies.

Frizz said...

love to know how you put you colors together. You do it so well. Color is the hardest part for me in my process.

flora said...

I like lavenders! : )

Jill McDonald said...

Hi Frizz,

Regarding color I just feel my way through a piece.
I know it sounds funny but I instinctively know what
color I need to go to next. Wish I was that sure of
myself with composition or perspective.