Monday, July 21, 2008

Calling all Party Animals!

I’m starting to feel festive as my little one will be turning 1 in about a month. I’ve been super excited about the big day. I think it’s more of a celebration for my husband & I - we made it through our first year of parenthood!
My initial thought for a party theme was “calling all PARTY ANIMALS....” I made this piece that I was going to build the invites & the rest of the decor around. Now our son has decided he LOVES dogs. He squeals with excitement each time we see one. So thought I’d share the old idea with you for now & post the dog invite & theme decor soon.
Any suggestions on fun first birthday games/ activities?

*the fruit punch recipe is nostalgic for me it’s the recipe my husband made for me while I was pregnant. After giving up the evening glass of wine this was my new treat.


kristina said...

Love that so much, Jill! That punch recipe looks delicious! So happy your little one is about to turn 1! Congrats on almost 1 year of parenthood! Isn't it so much fun?! My little one is almost 3! They sure do grow up fast! Hugs! Can't wait to see the other invites you create! :)

Sarah said...

Gorgeous work! Hopefully by the time my daughter's next birthday rolls around, this will be available! :)

Tamlynn said...

Very fun! I enjoy your work. My daughter had a "dog" birthday party and one of the most entertaining games was to put some dry breakfast cereal like cocoa puffs in bowls on the floor and have the kids crawl-race to run over and eat it like a puppy. So funny, maybe for kids a little older than your bday boy.